Bradley Beach Plans Improvements


coaster-news-200-newBy MELISSA BEVERIDGE

After discussing the Ocean Avenue improvements for curbing and handicap ramps, the Bradley Beach Council voted to start the bond ordinance process. These improvements would include painting lines, handicap lines, and providing handicap access ramps on the sidewalks.

The project is estimated to cost $125,000 with an estimated hard cost of $85,000, engineering costs of $12,900, and estimated soft costs of $37,000. Bradley Beach would pay $6,000 as the down payment of five percent that is required by law.

“This is not a want to, but a have to,” said Mayor Gary Engelstad, who toured these locations with the Public Works Director.

It will be several months before the project goes out to bid.

“We’re spending a lot of money on mats (the handicap access mats) justifiably so, but folks can’t get across Ocean Avenue,” Mayor Gary Engelstad said.

Councilman Harold Cotler said he had met with the borough engineer to add a 6-foot wide bike lane on the eastern side of Ocean Avenue. Cars would park 6-feet back from the curb. The engineer will be speaking with Monmouth County before they pave to discuss the issue. Cotler also said he had spoken with Avon and Belmar who had a similar process.

“We’ll have a bike lane that goes up and down the entire shore so it is safe for bikers to bike,” he said.

Resident Randy Bonnell suggested the Council look into two handicap ramps that were recently put in and are not compliant. The two ramps are located on Sylvan Lake near the pay station and Beach and Third Avenues.

The council introduced Ordinance 2015-06 that expands the membership of the Arts Council to accommodate increased interest.

The council also approved Architect Andrew Trocchia of Sonnenfeld and Trocchia Architects to prepare design services for the Bradley Beach Lifeguard Station at a cost not to exceed $9,500 plus reimbursable expenses.

Bradley Beach Supervisor and Head Lifeguard Dick Johnson addressed the council saying that lifeguards do not have enough storage to accommodate all of the ATV units that they use.

Johnson said that he’s hoping to build stairs to one of the lifeguard beach station that was built over 30 years ago and has never been used because of the limited ladder access. Access to the upstairs would allow the lifeguards to view the entire beach and have space for storage for lifeguards all year round. Having upstairs access would also free the downstairs area for tourism and the police department substation. Johnson shared that he’s been trying to get this done for “quite a few” years.

“The station is extremely outdated and in need of repair,” Engelstad said. “I personally feel it’s long overdue considering the great job they do.”

During council reports, Councilman Thomas Volante said that the Police Unity Tour will be stopping at Riley Park on Saturday, May 9 between 9:45 – 10:30 a.m.for the first time. The stop will honor two fallen police officers Jack Wright and Charles Cousins, both Bradley Beach police officers.. Over 200 bike riders and a motorcycle police traffic support will be making the stop for the 15-minute ceremony.

“I think your kids will love to see this,” said Volante, a retired police officer. “This may be the last time in a long time that we see this tour come into Bradley Beach. So come out and honor our fallen officers.”

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