Bradley Beach Swears In New Police Officer


Bradley Beach Mayor Gary Englestad swears in new police officer, Andrew Redmond. COASTER photo.

Bradley Beach Mayor Gary Englestad swears in new police officer, Andrew Redmond. COASTER photo.


Bradley Beach welcomed new police officer Andrew Redmond to the department this week.

Mayor Gary Engelstad administered the Oath of Office to Redmond at the Borough Council meeting.

In other business, Harvey Rosenberg, speaking for a subcommitte, discussed the current time limitations on parking on Main Street. He said the limitations deter retail traffic.

“The conversation began with the sweepers,” said Rosenberg who recalled the Department of Public Works being unable to sweep Main Street completely due to parked cars. “The parking has to be uniform for the businesses. We’re asking for the Mayor and Council’s support.”

The mayor asked the subcommittee to address the full issue of parking and come back in 90 days with a recommendation for parking changes. The borough will also ask for recommendations from the Chamber of Commerce, Police Department, Council, Zoning and Planning Board, Quality of Life and the Main Street residents.

“There’s too many cars on the street,” said Councilman Sal Galassetti referring to the borough’s street sweeper being unable to sweep both sides of the street. “We need to set a law.”

The subcommittee also asked the Council to review the ordinances for enforcement of construction hours in the borough. Rosenberg said that the subcommittee suggested that construction be limited to a half-day on Saturday and no construction on Sunday.

Councilman Thomas Volante disagreed saying that the current ordinance works for the borough. Construction can be performed till 6 p.m.on Saturday and is banned on Sunday.

In addition, the council also discussed the purchase of an ID system that would provide badges for borough employees, volunteers and vendors. The approximate cost would be $5,000.

“I have no problem with giving badges to employees, but I don’t want to get beyond the scope of the borough.

Where do you stop?” Engelstad said. “We already have a line for money this year for well deserved projects like the security at the recreation building. We will put it on the wish list for the 2015 budget. I’m not sure what problem we’re trying to solve.”

The council will meet again on Tuesday, July 8 at 6:30 p.m.

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