Business Owners Show Support for Giamano’s Outdoor Music Series



Giamano’s Outdoor Music Series has received an outpouring of support from both business owners as well as borough residents over the last week.

The support was in response to some complaints the Borough Council received last week about the music. At last week’s meeting the council put off voting on approval for the series until more information was received.

At the time resident Jane DeNoble said that she loses “the quiet enjoyment” of her backyard every Sunday. due to the music series.

“To me Sunday is a day of rest,” she said.

“I never had any intention of disturbing anyone with our “Outdoor Music Series,” said Rhonda Manno, owner and operator of Giamano’s, who was unable to attend the council meeting on May 12 due to work. “My full intention was to bring a truly festive occasion for the summer to Bradley Beach, which would allow people to come out and have a good time.”

Manno said that since the council meeting, some residents and business owners have reached out to her, expressing their support of the “Outdoor Music Series.”

“I have always believed it was a great venue for bringing more people to our town, which of course, not only benefits our business, but all the businesses in town,” Manno said.

Since holding the outdoor event, Manno said she has never received one complaint regarding the music being too loud. In addition, she said that in the future she would have the musicians lower their amplifiers. Manno also said that Giamano’s always makes sure to end the music at 8:30 p.m.

Bradley Beach business owners also offered their support to Giamano’s for the music.

“I love to stop by and hear the music,” said Angela DelPonte of DelPonte’s Bakery on Main Street. “It brings more people to town, which benefits us all. All the businesses in town are getting more exposure and we hope people will then return more often.”

Liz McAllister of The Buttered Biscuit on Main Street also expressed her support.

“I totally support this music venue,” McAllister said. “It is a good draw to bring more people to the town and it ends at a reasonable time.”

Jennifer O’Leary, a resident who lives directly behind Giamano’s, also shared her support for the “Outdoor Music Series.” She said, “I have been enjoying this music every summer since it began. This has never been a problem for me since it ends early in the night.”

Since the meeting, Mayor Gary Engelstad has received messages from over 20 residents through various methods. At the May 12 council meeting, he volunteered to knock on the doors of residents to hear their point of view.

When asked for comment on the results he has had so far, Engelstad said he would “rather give those results to the council first so they can factor them into their decision” at the May 26 council meeting.

“The folks who live in proximity to Giamano’s have been gratified to be involved in the process,” Engelstad said.“The results will be a good cross-section of people within a two block radius.”

– Featured image above: An outdoor music series afternoon from the Giamano’s Facebook page.

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