Candidate Says Comments Are ‘Outrageous’



ASBURY PARK – The Forward Asbury Park political campaign has criticized opponent Amy Quinn of wanting to give out-of-town visitors free parking and beach access – an idea that Quinn says has never been proposed by her political ticket.

In a large, color flyer mailed to city residents late this week, the Forward Asbury Park campaign said making the beaches and parking free would result in the loss of $2.8 million in revenue.

Quinn, who is a member of the One Asbury ticket, said the information is false.

The flyer says that local property taxes will increase of $655 a year for a home assessed at $100,000 and up to $2,621 a year for a home assessed at $400,000 if such a move were implemented based on past beach and parking revenues.

“This is just outrageous,” Quinn said. “It goes in line with the rest of the incumbent-led ticket’s misleading and inaccurate flyers. These mailers are further proof that The Forward Asbury Park’s ticket is more concerned with saving themselves than they are with saving our city. Their campaign is being run the same way they run the City of Asbury Park; it is no wonder why 17 people are challenging their seats.”

Forward Asbury Park consists of Deputy Mayor John Loffredo and Council members Susan Henderson and Kevin G. Sanders. Newcomers Gregory Hopson Sr., a former school board president, and William D. Potter are also on the ticket.

The One Asbury ticket consists of Quinn, West Side activist Myra L. Campbell, Joe Woerner, former public works employee John B. Moor and Talesha A. Crank.

“Free beaches and parking have never been part of One Asbury’s campaign platform and I don’t know where they got their information from. Our platform has never said that,” Quinn said.

Forward Asbury Park Campaign Manager Jocelyn Toledo said that her campaign stands by the accusation.

“We stand by our piece as an accurate description of Ms. Quinn’s long-standing and well-established views. Now that we have explained the impact of free beaches on the Asbury Park taxpayers, it may be that Ms. Quinn has changed her position in the last 24 hours.

Loffredo said he was told that Quinn came to someone’s house and made this statement and that the issue has been brought up on the One Asbury’s Facebook page.

“People should not make statements they are not willing to defend. It is my understanding she made this statements to others,” he said.

The nonpartisan election for five, four-year City Council seats is Tuesday, May 14.

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