City Wants Input on Short Term Rentals

The Asbury Park City Council is seeking input from residents about changes they would like to see to the existing law when the ordinance dealing with short term rentals is amended next year.

“The council’s goal has been to put together thoughtful and comprehensive regulations on short term rentals in Asbury Park. We strongly believe a Short Term Rental Ordinance is necessary to help preserve the existing housing stock, maintain the integrity of our neighborhoods, and help protect proprietors,” said Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn, “But we also know the existing ordinance needs to be fine-tuned to make sure it’s both effective and efficient, while also trying not to hinder those who are renting their properties short term to earn incremental income.”

A question on the Nov. 6 ballot sought to replace the current ordinance, which was passed in November 2017 with one that included more lenient guidelines.

The ballot question failed so the current ordinance, which allows only owner occupied homes to be rented short term, or less than 30 days, stands.

Residents are asked to send their suggestions for consideration to by Dec. 14.

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