Cookman Avenue Site Approved for Retail and 9 Residential Units

This is a rendering of the Cookman Avenue property in Asbury Park approved for retail and residential.


A project that will bring retail and nine residential units to the west end of Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park was approved by the Planning Board this week.

The plans will now be presented to the City Council for approval, especially as it pertains to a request for use of the public right of way.

The property, located at 722 and 724 Cookman Ave. is 40 feet by 100 feet.

The building will have an elevator and a first floor lobby  for the residential units where residents can receive and store mail deliveries. Plans also call for a storage closet.

Developer C & C Cookman Development, LLC added side entrances for retail units along the adjacent alleyway, Mayfair Way, to allow customers to enter directly from the street.

Engineer Robert Curley testified at this week’s meeting about exterior lighting, the addition of bollards to shield the utility meters and storm water management at the site.

The plans were approved with several conditions including a pledge by the architect to provide a maintenance plan for the metal portion of the exterior to contain and clean rust that may run down the side of the building and onto the sidewalk; the lighting temperature will not exceed 3000 on the Kelvin Color Temperature scale. Developers will also install the same light fixtures on the west and south sides of the building and the fixture mounts were lowered from 12 to nine feet to contain glare and light emanating out to adjacent buildings.

In addition, a glass window will be installed on the front door and on a transom above the door to lighten the look of the facade.

A height variance was also granted along with a storm water runoff plan that will be tied into the city’s water management system to prevent runoff on walkways.

The project requires a height variance up to 49 feet two inches which is 4 feet 2 inches higher than the allowed 45 feet.

The two story building is currently 32 feet high.

The facade of the building is brown brick, metal panels and a baby blue face brick from a California manufacturer.

The roof will be flat and will hold condensers and HVAC units.

There will be a guardrail around the edge as a safety feature for workers and emergency responders.

City Historian Werner Baumgartner questioned professionals before urging them to vote no due his concern about “light pollution” at the site.

Baumgartner also said he did not like the modernization of the building, saying it does not comply with authorized design standards for the city, which he helped author.

Board Member Jim Henry was the only no vote when the tally was taken.

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