Delvetto’s Given Green Light for Music This Weekend

Delvetto’s Pizzeria and Pub on Route 33 in Neptune will be allowed to continue having outdoor music this weekend.
Earlier this week Business Administrator Vito Gadaelta said music would not be allowed due to the complaints the township received and there was no attempt by the restaurant to reduce the noise level.
But  Mayor Robert Lane said Delvetto’s has been given permission to continue its outdoor music while township officials review the outdated noise ordinance.
“I know of the complaints but we are trying to work with everybody during this pandemic. It is tough for businesses right now but we are looking into the other complaints. We want to respect residents but also have our businesses survive,” Lane said.
Gadaleta said that police continue to receive noise complaints from residents living near the Delvetto’s.
“All we have asked is for them to be considerate of their neighbors and turn the music down. If they had turned down the music, there probably wouldn’t be any complaints,” he said.
Both Gadaleta and Lane said that the township’s noise ordinance is antiquated and that the governing body will soon be reviewing the ordinance for possible changes.
“Maybe we want to update it,” Lane said.
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