Dog Park Not Consistent with Camp Meeting Mission


A proposal by some Ocean Grove residents to create a gated dog run at a grassy area near the intersection of Pennsylvania and Inskip avenues, behind a sewer maintenance building, will not be given approval from the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.

“We made a made a determination that it is not consistent with the mission of the association,” said J.P. Gradone, Chief Operating Officer for the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association (OGCMA).

Gradone said the association meet recently to discuss the matter after being approached by residents.

“The concept is not consistent with where we are and what we’re about – no matter what the site,” he said.

Several Ocean Grove residents attended a Neptune Township Committee meeting seeking approval for the dog park more than a month ago. However, township officials said they would have no control over the matter since the property is owned by the Camp Meeting Association.

At the Township Committee meeting, Cindy Stiles, who owns the Ocean Prove Pet Boutique and supports creating the park, said her group would present the issue to the OGCMA.
Ocean Grove resident Michael Goldfinger said he polled 319 Ocean Grove residents about the proposal. He said that 166 (or 52 percent) supported the park, 145 (or 45.5 percent) did not support it, with the remaining eight having no opinion.

The park would have been fenced in and only people and dogs authorized to enter the park would be allowed in by using special key fobs and with dogs having special licenses.

The exact size of the park was to be big enough to accommodate larger and small dog runs in separate, fenced-off areas.

Image above courtesy of the Associated Humane Societies of Tinton Falls. 

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