Drainage Better Now in Ocean Grove


OCEAN GROVE – Longstanding flooding issues along Broadway in historic Ocean Grove have apparently been resolved- but residents still have a wait-and-see attitude.

Resident Kennedy Buckley, who lives on Broadway, said at the May 13 Township Committee meeting that the street drainage improvements seem to be working.

“It rained severely over the weekend and the water went down very quickly and the problem seems to be greatly improved,” he said.

Buckley said that storm water seems to be draining much better and that many additional outlets to drain the water have been installed.

“Things seem to be flowing much better and there have been many places added for the water to go,” he said.

Residents have complained for some time about flooding along Broadway, particularly where it intersects with Beach Avenue.

Under a recent drainage improvement project, the township installed more drains and replaced some culverts.

Drainage improvements along Broadway include new pipes on the north side from Lawrence Avenue that make a connection with existing pipes at Pilgrim Pathway. Then a set of double drainage pipes installed from the northwest corner of Broadway and Central Avenue, which eventually flow into Fletcher Lake.

Mary Ellen Tellefsen, who co-owns the Sea Spray Inn, at the intersection of Beach Avenue and Broadway, said she and her husband, Eric, have been monitoring the situation since the improvements have been made.

The inn has experienced water damage during storms and periods of heavy rain in the past.

“So far, I would say that along Broadway looks pretty good. However, a very large volume of water still comes down Beach Avenue, almost over the curb. It does go around the corner to drain and the new drains are working really well – but sometimes the drains can’t handle the volume of water,” she said.

Tellesfen said she and her husband will take a “wait-and-see attitude.”

“We will see what happens during heavy downpours and see how the drains handle it,” she said.

Mayor Eric Houghtaling said it appears that everything is “working out great right now.”

“It seems to be performing fine with no standing water there,” he said.

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