Editorial: What Are They Thinking?


The state, in all its wisdom, is planning to switch Main Street in Asbury Park from four lanes to two lanes with a turning lane in the center and two bike lanes to be added between the through lanes and parking lanes on each side of the road.

There are only two cities in Monmouth County – Long Branch, and, you guessed it ,Asbury Park. And guess which one gets more traffic? Right again, Asbury Park. We wonder if any of the state officials who are pushing this idiotic plan have ever driven down Main Street in Asbury Park or do they only visit the beachfront when the governor or Bruce Springsteen are in town. Unless they are using some form of new math we don’t see how they can possibly fit all that into the roadway: bike lanes, parking lanes, turning lanes. All this without widening or narrowing the existing paved area. Whew -sounds like a miracle.

State officials say such a configuration would reduce pedestrian accidents, improve safety for bicyclists and reduce rear end and side swipe accidents. Seriously? Again, we ask; have they ever driven down Main Street? The roadway is filled with thriving businesses, there are delivery trucks, there are commuters, there are shoppers. The congestion and traffic created by this plan would be a nightmare.

Mayor John Moor called the proposal ”irresponsible.” He is so right. First responders attempting to reach victims would be unable to do so in a timely manner. The City Council, firefighters and police are all in opposition to this plan.

If this takes place there will be a new addition to the traffic controller reports. Thirty-five minutes at the Holland Tunnel, 40 minutes at the George Washington and 50 minutes at Asbury Park’s Main Street. Use alternate routes.

Scrap the plan now.

Pictured above – Four lanes of Main Street. File photo.

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