Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Coming to Asbury Park

Asbury Park is installing electric vehicle charging stations, making Asbury Park among the first municipalities on the Jersey Shore to offer this service to the public. The city’s electric vehicle charging partner, Greenspot, is nearing completion on installation of electric charging infrastructure on Mattison Avenue between Main Street and Bond Street. Once complete, four parking spaces will be reserved on Mattison Avenue for charging electric vehicles only, with users required to pay for parking.

Greenspot is an industry-leading smart mobility company specializing in development and installation of publicly accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and electric mobility solutions, including EV rentals. Greenspot’s clients include Jersey City, where approximately 50 charging stations were installed in addition to an EV car share program. Currently Greenspot is working on installation throughout New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, New York and Rhode Island, as well as abroad in Israel.

“At Greenspot, our mission is to develop comprehensive charging infrastructure enabling the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, as well as offering shared mobility solutions as an alternative to car ownership” said Chief Operating Officer Michael Mazur, “Ultimately we want to help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable methods of transportation that mitigate our reliance on fossil fuels.”

“Once the EV charging stations are operational on Mattison Avenue, work will begin on six additional spaces each on Sunset and Springwood Avenues,” said Transportation Director Michael Manzella, “This will allow us to then move forward with an EV car share program – which is exciting for Asbury Park since almost one-third of our households are zero-car households. A program like this will help improve accessibility for residents, reduce the demand for parking and personal car ownership, and serve as an amenity for visitors.”

“We are proud to support electric vehicles in Asbury Park and lead the charge along the Jersey Shore to help reduce our carbon footprint,” said Mayor John Moor, “Being green, and planning for a healthy future, is important to the City of Asbury Park.”

For more information on Greenspot, visit www.joingreenspot.com.

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