Giamano’s Outdoor Sunday Music Series Silenced



The Bradley Beach Borough Council voted 4-1 to rescind the approval for Giamano’s Outdoor Music Series on Sundays.

Earlier this year the council said it would allow the series as long as certain requirements were met, including stopping the music at 8:30 p.m. In an effort to be fair to both residents and business owners the council said the sound level must not exceed standards approved by the Monmouth Board of Health.

The resolution also stated that the council had the right to rescind the approval upon any complaints received by residents.

“As of last weekend, based on resident feedback and the involvemnet of the county health department, those requirements are not being met,” Mayor Gary Engelstad said.

According to Councilman Norman Goldfarb, the police department was called in after receiving complaints from residents.

Councilman Harold Cotler, who supported tabling the issue in order to allow the owners of Giamano’s to defend themselves, said that the police department shut the music down at 8:37, only seven minutes after the time restriction.

“The appropriate and fair thing to do would be to table this, bring Giamano’s in, discuss this with them and then make an approriate and fair deciion when everyone gets a chance to be heard,” said Cotler who’s motion to table the decision was not seconded.

“It started off well,” Engelstad said. “I have enough evidence to do what we need to do. They were put on pretty strong notice that these were the expectations and as far as I’m concerned they haven’t met them.”

Previous arguments said that the music series added to the vitality of the town, however Englestad said that the area is already vital.

“I love the restaurant and I love the people, but I am not only the mayor of that location at Giamano’s but the mayor of all the residents,” Engelstad said. “So if I get feedback that says we wish it was better, but it’s not meeting the requirements in terms of length of music then I have concerns with that.”

Councilman Sal Galassetti also said he was voting in favor of the rescindment because the restaurant was given a chance.

T.J. Coan, a resident who lives near the restaurant and who voiced his concerns about the noise levels, said he was glad the issue was resolved.

“We can now enjoy our backyard,” he said. “We love eating at Giamano’s and I am excited about their new project (business owners are planning on a new residential facility at the site) but I would like an apology from the council for granting the approval for the music which they did not have the authority to grant.”

Featured picture above: An outdoor concert at the restaurant from their Facebook page. 

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