Green Leaf Resort Partners with Associated Humane Societies

Green Leaf Pet Resort of Ocean Township and the Associated Humane Societies of Tinton Falls are working hand-in-hand to improve the lives of the dogs at their shelters – and the owners who are fortunate enough to adopt them.

This partnership began this past holiday season when Green Leaf Pet Resort donated all proceeds from their 2018 holiday events. Green Leaf Pet Resort is looking to continue to partner with the Associated Humane Societies of Tinton Falls through the current year by campaigning for monthly donations and an adoption incentive to ease each adoptee into their new homes. Green Leaf Pet Resort is inviting the media and the public to join them in celebrating the beginning of this journey on Thurs., Jan. 3 at 1 p.m. Light fare and refreshments will be provided to all who attend.

For every dog adopted out of Humane Societies of Tinton Falls, as well as their affiliated locations – Popcorn Park and Newark, Green Leaf Pet Resort of Oakhurst will provide a bath, which includes a nail trimming, ear cleaning, and a bow or bowtie. This offer is valid for a full 10 days following the adoption to allow enough time for new dog owners to book an appointment and receive the service. In addition to this, each newly adopted dog will also receive a certificate for 25 percent off of one of the following services at Green Leaf Pet Resort of Oakhurst: boarding, daycare, swimming, retail, or grooming. This certificate is given on the day of the adoption and is valid for 90 days.

With this partnership, Green Leaf Pet Resort intends to ease the transition for each adopted dog into their new homes. By exposing these owners to the luxurious aura of Green Leaf Pet Resort after adoption, they hope to help make adopting a more attractive alternative. Overall, this can generate confidence in owners to see their dogs partake in activities.

Green Leaf Pet Resort provides personalized luxury dog boarding, daycare, swimming, grooming, expert obedience training, and even pick-up and drop-off transportation services. Green Leaf Pet Resort offers a host of activities to ensure a healthy, happy, and enriched experience for dogs of all kinds.

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