In Allenhurst: Beachfront Restaurant Being Rebuilt


coaster-news-200-newBy DON STINE

The building which has housed a restaurant at the Allenhurst beachfront for many years is expected to be rebuilt by April and hopefully open for business by Memorial Day weekend.

The building last housed Mister C’s Beach Bistro which was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. But the restaurant may be back in business at the site.

The Allenhurst Board of Commissioners is expected to award a five-year contract to operate the restaurant on Monday, Dec. 29 and Mister C’s, one of two bids submitted, scored highest in four required categories in the proposal submitted, Borough Administrator Lori Osborn said.

The other proposal was submitted by Asbury Park’s Smith hospitality group which operates Pascal and Sabine, Porta and Brickwall restaurants in Asbury Park.

“We expect the building to be finished in April and hopefully up and running by Memorial Day weekend,” Osborn said.

Owners will be required to be open from at least March 1 through Dec. 31 in 2015 for five years with the option to renew their lease for an additional five-year period, the proposal states.

A $2,360,000 contract to rebuild the Allenhurst Beach Club restaurant was awarded last year by the Board of Commission to Santorini Construction, Inc., based in Neptune, the lowest of nine bidders on the project.

The new restaurant will be built on the same footprint as the old one and will sit on a concrete foundation, not pilings. The restaurant will, however, be setback a bit from an existing sea wall nearby.

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