In Asbury Park: Board President Blasts Officials Over Library Panel Appointments


The Asbury Park Public Library

The Asbury Park Public Library


The open feud between Asbury Park Library Board President Don Stine and Mayor John Moor and Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn jumped from the newspaper to the City Council Chambers at the council’s July 22 meeting.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Stine stepped to the microphone and repeated charges he made in a full-page ad in The Coaster and triCityNews July 16 in “An Open Letter to the Citizens of Asbury Park.” In the paid advertisement Stine accused the two officials of political cronyism and operating behind closed doors in connection with the appointments of two additional members to the library’s seven-member Board of Trustees.

Stine said that the appointments of city residents Janet Torsney and Anita Weiner were made by the mayor at the urging of Deputy Mayor Quinn. He said officials were acting on the mistaken information that the board has not been able to get a quorum for a meeting. Stine said the Library Board has never lacked for a quorum in its 118 year existence.

“Did anyone ever consider asking the board if they had any recommendations…is there any due process here at all,” he asked officials.

He also questioned Moor’s statements that he’s received many complaints about the Library, saying “99 percent of the people don’t even know the Library Board exists.”

During a three-minute statement (the time allotted for public comment) Stine also took aim at Quinn, telling her, ” You’re an embarrassment to your position for spreading lies about the board. You need to go down there and apologize to everybody.”

He accused officials of disrespecting him as the library board president and all the board members as well.

Quinn defended the appointments, saying Torsney is the Director of the Bradley Beach Public Library and has made many improvements there and Weiner built the Little Libraries that are located around Asbury Park. She said they are “two extremely qualified residents” and noted that Stine doesn’t live in Asbury Park. He lives in Wanamassa.

Stine also demanded a public hearing on the appointments at a council workshop session. The mayor said he should submit a request for such a meeting. Stine has submitted a letter of resignation from the Library Board effective Aug.1 but Moor said he hoped Stine would rescind the resignation so they could move forward.

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