In Bradley Beach: Boardwalk Railing Project Discussed


coaster-news-200By MELISSA BEVERIDGE

The Bradley Beach Borough Council this week tabled the discussion of the improvement to the lifeguard station until a time when Business Administrator Joyce Wilkins can be present to further address the renovations.

Mayor Gary Engelstad said the borough is attempting to limit the amount of work done by outside contractors and increase the amount of work that can be performed by borough workers in an effort to lower costs.

Councilman Norman Goldfarb addressed the boardwalk railing that Engelstad said had a “band aid” on it since Superstorm Sandy. Goldfarb said he received word from FEMA that they would refund the borough 90 percent of the cost after the project was completed. The estimated cost of the project is $441,641. The borough would be responsible to pay for the project up front, but after approval by FEMA, the borough would be refunded the amount. In order to qualify, the project would have to be completed by October 30, 2016.

Councilman Sal Galassetti voiced his concern that FEMA would not pay the full 90 percent after the borough had completed the project. Goldfarb said the borough has a great chance of recouping 90 percet of that money.

Engelstad agreed with Goldfarb saying he “wants it done right, professionally, and we can enjoy for years to come.”

Councilman Harold Cotler asked the council to look into creating two three-foot bike lanes on either side of Ocean Avenue in front of the parked vehicles in an effort to increase traffic safety. Engelstad said he would contact Freeholder Tom Arnone and the county to see if they would approve the change to the county road.

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