In Bradley Beach: First Aid Squad Requests Memorial Installation at Park


coaster-news-200-newBy MELISSA BEVERIDGE

Bradley Beach officials this week discussed a request by the First Aid Squad to install a squad memorial in southwest corner of Riley Park.

Borough Councilman Harold Cotler said he had spoken to the squad and suggested that before approving the memorial that the council “look at the park from a total ground standpoint.”

“I’m not opposed to a memorial because I’m a first aider, but I think we need to have the park usable for all the towns’ people and not just have a statue park,” Cotler said. “They (the First Aid Department) were fine with that as long as we get back to them with a site plan.”

Mayor Gary Engelstad agreed with Cotler saying that the borough has been in the process of applying for Green Acres funding to modify the park and have it be conducive to tables, chairs, and chess tables.

“As far as I’m concerned Riley park is dysfunctional,” said Engelstad, adding that sloped pavers are hindering the park. “So we’re looking through county funding to go in and bring the paved area level with the monument. The monument will not touched.”

During council reports, Cotler and Engelstad commended the Bradley Beach Public Library for their fund-raiser on July 18, which raised $23,000.

“You were coordinated, you had it organized, you just did a bang up job,” Cotler said. “And it’s a fund-raiser that anybody in town would be proud to follow your footsteps.”
Engelstad announced that there would also be a concert for the library on Sat., Aug. 22 at 7 p.m. in Riley Park. The concert will be free, but the library will be asking for donations. Asbury Park’s The Shady Street Showband, an 8-piece band with a brass section, will be performing for the event.

“We hope you bring your checkbook and wallets,” Engelstad said. “And when the bucket is passed think about the library and have a good time.”

Engelstad also announced that Rae Tutela, Secretary of Tourism, gave written notice of her resignation beginning the end of August.

“She has made a tremendous impact to the borough,” said Engelstad. “It’s very sad that she’s made this choice and we’ll go forward, but before we want her to know how much we appreciate her.”

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