In Bradley Beach: From Honoring to Mourning


coaster-news-200By JOSPEH SAPIA

Cynthia Brady, Bradley Beach’s beloved recreation director, died unexpectedly during the Tuesday-Wednesday overnight, within hours of being honored upon her retirement by the mayor and Borough Council.

“From honoring her to mourning her in less than 12 hours,” said Mayor Gary Engelstad.

The circumstances of her death were not immediately available. By mid-day Wednesday, word circulated around the borough Brady, believed to be in her late 40s, had died.

“She was just a terrific, wonderful person,” said Brenda Connolly, who owns an area real estate business and lives in Bradley Beach.

Connolly, told of the death by a reporter, had worked with Brady on recreation projects.

“Always happy,” Connolly said. “She was just outstanding, a joy to work with.”

Raffaella “Ray” Tutela, who works in the borough’s tourism department and is involved in the community, said she heard early Wednesday afternoon of Brady’s death.

“She’s a lovely girl,” Tutela said. “Always smiling, always pleasant.”

“It’s sad, it’s sad,” Tutela said.

Engelstad said Brady “was in great spirits” when she was honored Tuesday night.

“She had a huge heart, was devoted to children in Bradley Beach, constantly full of new ideas, was always there, reliable,” Engelstad said. “There’s good reason she got a standing ovation at our meeting. She touched many lives.”

Brady retired after eight years with the recreation department. She was to move to Florida, Engelstad said.

“You have done so much for the kids of town,” Engelstad told Brady when she was honored. “I wish this room was packed with all of the kids you touched.”

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