In Bradley Beach: Popular DJ to Return to Beachfront; Noise Complaints on Main Street


coaster-news-200-newBy MELISSA BEVERIDGE

DJ Jay Bowman will be returning to the beachfront in Bradley Beach this summer following a movement by his fans to keep him entertaining.

At the last Borough Council meeting supporters turned out in large numbers to express their dismay that he was not included in the summer calendar. This week Mayor Gary Engelstad said Bradley Beach Tourism Coordinator Rae Tutela would be meeting with Bowman to set up a schedule.

“We will bring him back and just make sure that there is included in the contract that he abide by our request to lower the volume if any complaints are received,” Engelstad said. “So we do listen and we do take action.”

In another matter related to noise the council voted to table the authorization of Giamano’s Restaurant’s “Outdoor Music Series” for the summer of 2015 due to resident complaints.

Jane DeNoble, who lives close to the Main Street restaurant, voiced her concerns over Giamano’s Sunday afternoon “Outdoor Music Series” that she said features an outdoor live band, every Sunday during summer starting in June. The band sets up in Giamano’s parking lot. DeNoble said that she can hear the music playing in her backyard a few doors down.

“It’s supposed to help promote local businesses, but most businesses are closed on Sundays and those that are open are in desperate need of parking,” DeNoble said.

“The only benefit I see is to Giamano’s. I don’t think that it outweighs the negative effects on surrounding property owners including myself,” DeNoble said. “To me Sunday is a day of rest. I think maybe they could do it on long weekends, that’s perfect, but every Sunday I can’t enjoy my property. I lose the quiet enjoyment of my backyard.”

Other Bradley Beach residents including Julia Rand also voiced their concern about the music stating that it’s “been a long time.”

After hearing the concerns of residents, the council voted to table the authorization. The mayor volunteered to knock on doors over the next two weeks to speak with residents personally about the issue.

“I think when this started, we all felt that Main Street needed it and it may not need it so much anymore,” Engelstad said.

He said he will report back to the council and will readdress the authorization of Giamano’s “Outdoor Music Series” at the next regular meeting on Tues., May 26.

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