In Neptune: Division Street Will Be Widened


coaster-news-200-newDivision Street in Neptune will be made one way and widened under a proposal under consideration by the Township Committee.

A police study and subsequent recommendation from the police department to alleviate problems on the short, narrow street was discussed at Monday’s township committee workshop.

Division Street, which intersects with Ridge Avenue, is a small, narrow street that parallels Route 33 near the Midtown Community Elementary School.

Under the proposal, Division Street will be made one-way heading west and widened.

A west-bound street will take traffic away from the elementary school and take it to Ridge Avenue or Route 33, just a few blocks away.

“The traffic will be westbound, away from the school,” Committeeman Randy Bishop said.

Neptune officials said Division Street is very narrow and that there are problems with parking.

It is illegal for people to park their cars on grass areas along the street’s southern edge and the police department has started to enforce this restriction. Some of the land along the southern edge is owned by the state.

The street is narrow enough that some people need to pull up onto the curb to allow other vehicles adequate access down the street.

The township will also look into widening the street, especially to allow municipal trucks better access.

“We need to widen it as soon as possible to alleviate any problems,” Committeeman Michael Brantley said.

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