In Ocean Grove, Historic Homes and a Fox

Ocean Grove residents this week were buzzing about the sighting of a fox on their neighborhood streets.

Liz Carlson told The Coaster she saw a fox Sunday morning crossing right in front of her on Main Avenue.

“He literally looked right at me,” she said.

But then he was startled by a garbage truck and ran off toward the beach, she said.

“His tail was about three long and he was the size of a collie,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like it. I think there’s more than one.”

Neptune Township Clerk Richard Cuttrell also said there may be more than one fox and that sightings have been in the Webb Avenue and Fletcher Lake areas.

“So, at the southern part of Ocean Grove,” he said.

Neptune does annually hire an animal control officer but Cuttrell said that unless the fox is injured or causing damage, no efforts will be made to capture it.

“The animal will be left on its own,” he said.

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