Interview with City Council Candidates on Asbury Radio

The seven Asbury Park City Council candidates have agreed to be interviewed by journalist Maureen Nevin on her Video Podcast, Asbury Radio.

The Podcast, over Zoom, will be shown at 5:30 p.m. Sun., Sept. 20.

The candidates are incumbents Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn, and Councilwomen Yvonne Clayton and Eileen Chapman. They are being challenged for office by Arthur Schlossbach, Rob McKeon, Kerry Margaret Butch, and Felicia Simmons.

The format calls for 15 min. one-on-one interviews in the Sunday news show question/answer style, Nevin said. The normal one-hour format has been extended to two hours to accommodate the seven individual interviews.

“This is not an invitation for candidates to debate each other or an opportunity for them to present their personal statements to viewers, although we do want to hear their personal, unrehearsed answers to our specific questions,” Nevin said.

For total impartiality, the guests will be called upon in alphabetical order according to their last names.

Nevin, who holds ten journalism awards including a first place National Press Club award, created and hosted the Asbury Radio – Radio Voice of Asbury Park public affairs and music show live over station WYGG 88.1 FM, and later online as well, from July of 2000 till Nov. 2006.

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