Mary’s Place by the Sea Hosting Nourish You Event for Women

On Thurs., May 2, Mary’s Place by the Sea in Ocean Grove will open its home to 30 women from the Jersey Shore region for a day of self-care at a Nourish You event.

The event is sponsored by All in the Family Dental Care of Wall Township.

Attendees will nourish their minds, bodies and souls through guided instructional classes including nutrition education, Soul Collage®, bracelet-making and intention-setting, yoga and meditation.

While enjoying a plant-based lunch, attendees will listen-in on an intimate “fireside chat” with Executive Coach and Speaker Jeanie Coomber, Mary’s Place co-founders Michele Gannon and Maria McKeon, and Karen Campi from All in the Family Dental Care.

“Over the past 10 years of helping over 9,000 women with cancer, in offering our guests the opportunity to process their cancer and what is going on in their lives, we have found that 80 percent of what they talk about is what happened before their diagnosis: the grief, trauma, and hardship,” Gannon said. “We are realizing that there is a great need for women of every age and in every stage of life to be practicing self-care right now. Spending our days at Mary’s Place by the Sea has taught us that we all need a moment to hit the pause button. We need to quiet the noise, empty our emotional baggage and just breathe. We are excited to partner with All in the Family Dental Care to bring Nourish You to the women in our area.”

The Campi Family, from All in the Family Dental Care, wanted to create and sponsor this day to share their knowledge acquired through decades of serving the community.

“Overall health isn’t just about passively going for your annual checkups. There are many things a person can do to actively participate in taking care of their minds, bodies, and souls. We are proud to shed light on daily habits and nutrition tips so you can feel confident in being the best version of yourself,” Karen Campi said.

The event takes place from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm at Mary’s Place by the Sea, 22 Main Avenue in Ocean Grove.

Registration is $50 per person and is limited to 30 women to create an intimate environment. A plant-based lunch will be provided. Registration can be completed online at

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