Mayor’s Trophy Regatta Aug. 12


coaster-news-200-newShowing off what they have learned over the past two weeks, the sailors in the Shark River Roundtable sponsorship sailing program are ready for some friendly competition. With representation from Avon, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Neptune City, Neptune Township, and Wall, the Friends of the Belmar Harbor and the respective Recreation Directors are coordinating a program-ending Mayors’ Cup Regatta between the towns.
The Regatta will be held at the L Street Beach Marina in Belmar from 12 noon until 6 p.m. Fri., Aug. 12.
Each town has offered five residents, ages 9-16, a sponsorship to participate in the two-week instructional sailing program, and the Mayor’s Cup Regatta will give the sailors a chance to highlight the skills they learned during the program.
The sailors will race in heats in one, two, or three person sailboats around a predetermined course. Colored t-shirts help identify sailors as part of each town’s team. Some of the Mayors will be on hand to greet the sailors and award the sailing medals. The coveted Mayors Cup will be presented to the winning sailing team for keeps for the year, until next year’s race.
FOBH and the Recreation Directors of the respective towns helped coordinate this township program eleven years ago, in order to help introduce participants to some watercraft skills, share their enjoyment of being on the water, and to appreciate the wonder of the Shark River, right in their own back yards.

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