Monmouth County Lifeguards Win 2nd Place in National Tourney


coaster-news-200-newBy CHRIS CHRISTOPHER

Team Monmouth County posted two second-place finishes at the Nautica United States Lifesaving Association National Lifeguard Championships in Daytona Beach, Fla.

Monmouth scored 707.625 points while competing for the Greg Farry Trophy (most points overall, open points only). The Los Angeles County Surf Life Saving Association won with 781.625 points. There were 10 teams in the competition.
Monmouth piled up 907.625 points in its pursuit of the Howard Lee Trophy (most points overall, Open and Age Group “A” teams). A total of 10 teams competed.

A total of 55 USLA chapters from around the nation showcased their abilities in the Atlantic Ocean.

One Monmouth athlete was Asbury Park Beach Patrol member Julianna Cavano, a Neptune resident and a junior member of the American University women’s swimming team. The Red Bank Catholic High School graduate teamed with Karli Rymer, Taylor Crosby and Amanda Waldron for a fourth-place finish in the sea rescue race to highlight her outing.

“I think I did pretty well,” said Cavano, who was named American’s Most Improved Swimmer as a sophomore. “The heat was extremely exhausting. I am not used to the type of sand down there. It is a lot harder and more concrete like than our sand. I am pretty happy with my experience and how I performed. There are some areas I need to work on for next year.”

The following are the highlights for Team Monmouth County.

Women’s open 2K beach run: 8. Sarah George, 20. Megan Racioppi
Men’s open 2K beach run: 4. Nick Vandermolen, 11. Dan Lenahan
Women’s 30-34 2K beach run: 2. Kristen DiTommaso
Men’s 30-34 2K beach run: 6. Ed Reilly
Women’s 35-39 2K beach run: 3. Noami Greca
Men’s 35-39 2K beach run: 7. Isabelle Pabon
Women’s 40-44 2K beach run: 3. Denise Blair
Men’s 50-54 2K beach run: 9. William George Sr.
Women’s 55-59 2K beach run: 1. Janet Corbin
Men’s 55-59 2K beach run: 3. John Gepp
Men’s 60-64 2K beach run: 2. Dave Pierson
Men’s 65-69 2K beach run: 2. Rick Stimpson
Men’s 70-over 2K beach run: 1. Tim O’Donnell
Open 4×100 run relay: 2. Anne Skimmons, Sarah George, Kristen DiTommaso, Mary Kate George
Open American ironperson: 5. Anne Skimmons, 6. Julianna Cavano, 7. Isabelle Pabon, 14. Nate Humberston
Open board race: 5. Eva Porter
Open Ironperson: 1. Eva Porter, 6. Anne Skimmons
Open landline rescue race (relay style): 4. Mark Conte, Hannah Elliott, Nick George, Jake Schuler
Open rescue race (relay style): 2. Isabelle Pabon, Kristen DiTommaso, Annie Fittin, Cassidy Stimpson; 4. Taylor Crosby, Julianna Cavano, Amanda Waldron, Karli Rymer
Women’s open rescue race (relay style): 13. Sarah George, Hannah Elliott, Jen Rau, Hayley Masi; 14. Erin Flynn, Elesabeth Racioppi, Mackensie Stimpson, Mary Kate George
Men’s open rescue race (relay style): 12. Mike Barrows, Joseph Skimmons, Jacob George, William George Jr.; 16. Mark Conte, Sean Dunne, Jake Schuler, Ed Reilly
Open run-swim-run: 4. Sarah Button, 8. Hannah Elliott, 10. Isabelle Pabon, 12. Annie Fittin, 19. Julianna Cavano
Men’s run-swim-run: 8. Joe Skimmons
Men’s 35-39 run-swim-run: Todd Sudol
Men’s 40-44 run-swim-run: Mike Barrows
Women’s 45-49 run-swim-run: 3. Michelle Davidson
Men’s 45-49 run-swim-run: 5. Bruckner Chase
Men’s 50-54 run-swim-run: William George Sr.
Women’s 55-59 run-swim-run: 1. Janet Carbin
Men’s 55-59 run-swim-run: 8. John Gepp
Men’s 60-64 run-swim-run: 3. Dave Pierson
Men’s 70-over run-swim-run: 1. John Sink
Open surf boat race (relay style): 2. Jennifer Rau, Alexandre O’Connor (Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue; 5. Amanda Waldron, Brittany Austin (Miami Beach); 8. Tracey Keelen, Denise Blair; 9. Taylor Crosby, Bethany Rendemont
Men’s open surf boat race (relay style): 2. Jason Petillo, Ed Reilly; 3. Tim Kortenhaus, Jake Niedenstein; 6. William George Sr., Danny George; 8. John Cullen, Chris Wilson; 11. Mark Racioppi, Tom Greenwald; 14. Mark Henkle (Delray Beach), John Mcentee
Women’s 30-34 surf boat race (relay style): 2. Tracey Keelen, Denise Blair
Men’s 30-34 surf boat race (relay style): 2. Jason Petillo, Ed Reilly; 3. John Cullen, Chris Wilson
Women’s 45-49 surf boat race (relay style): 1. Janet Carbin, Michelle Davidson
Men’s 50-54 surf boat race (relay style): 1. William George Sr., Danny George
Men’s 55-59 surf boat race (relay style): 2. John Gepp, Joe Taylor (Hallandale Beach); 3. Dave Pierson, Gerry Falconer (Miami Beach); 4. Gene Hession, Jeff Zach
Men’s 60-64 surf boat race (relay style): 1. John Mcentee, Robert Asay; 3. Mark Myhre (Palm Beach), Roger Raftery
Men’s 65-69 surf boat race (relay style): 1. James Simonelli, Rick Stimpson
Men’s 70-over surf boat race (relay style): 1. Dave Bew (Atlantic Beach, Fl.), James Somers; 2. Tim O’Donnell, Harry Hoehn
Open surf race: 1. Hannah Elliott, 5. Annie Fittin, 10. Isabelle Pabon
Men’s open surf race: 6. Joe Skimmons
Men’s 35-39 surf race: 4. Todd Sudol
Men’s 40-44 surf race: 1. Mike Barrows
Women’s 45-49 surf race: 2. Michelle Davison
Men’s 45-49 surf race: 4. Bruckner Chase
Women’s 55-59 surf race: 1. Janet Carbin
Men’s 60-64 surf race: 2. Dave Pierson
Men’s 70-over surf race: 1. John Sink, 2. James Sommers
Women’s open surf ski race: 2. Eva Porter, 4. Michelle Davison, 16. Anne Skimmons
Men’s 35-39 surf ski race: 2. Steve O’Boyle
Women’s 45-49 surf ski race: 1. Michelle Davison
Men’s 45-49 surf ski race: 9. Bruckner Chase
Men’s 70-over surf ski race: 1. John Sink
Open taplin relay: 4. Joe Skimmons, Hannah Elliott, Jen Roonan (Fort Lauderdale), Hayley Masi; 5. Erin Finn, Eva Porter, Jen Rau, Sarah Button; 7. Michelle Davison, Taylor Crosby, Julianna Cavano, Karli Rymer
Men’s taplin relay: 5. Joe Skimmons, William George Jr., Nate Humbertson, Steve O’Boyle; 11. Javier Mayor (Miami Beach), Mark Conte, Conrad Blass (Los Angeles County), Rob Pelkey (Los Angeles County)

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