Mr. C’s Beach Bistro to Open at Allenhurst Beach


coaster-news-200-newBy DON STINE

Chic Parotta, also known as Mr. C, will be back in the restaurant at the brand new Allenhurst Beach Club this season with his new and improved Mr. C’s Beach Bistro.

Parotta, one of five bidders, won a five-year contract to operate the new restaurant after it was destroyed during Superstorm Sandy.

“It feels great. I have already been there for six years and I think it will be a big success. It has the best view at the Jersey Shore; no other place has that view,” he said.

Mr. C’s Beach Bistro will seat 140 indoors and have a sun deck that can seat another 159 people. Tentative plans call for the restaurant to be open seven days a week, year-round.

The bar, with its excellent view facing the ocean, will still be the same but there will also be an outdoor deck in front of the bar for additional seating. It will be built below the window-line so the patron’s view is not impeded by people using the deck.

Parotta said he hopes to be in the restaurant by May 20 but he added that June may be a more realistic date.

A $2,360,000 contract to rebuild the Allenhurst Beach Club restaurant was awarded last year by the Board of Commission to Santorini Construction, Inc., based in Neptune, the lowest of nine bidders on the project.

The new restaurant will be built on the same footprint as the old one and will sit on a concrete foundation, not pilings. The restaurant will, however, be setback a bit from an existing sea wall nearby.

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