Musical Project to Reduce Hate


A local musician/singer is working on a grassroots musical tract intended to end, or at least, reduce, hatred in societies around the world.

“Hatred has become more prominent in society in the last couple of years and this song is really an attempt to say let’s try to do something about it. Hate begets hate and this is a grassroots thing to fight that,” said singer and composer Nicky Addeo about his “Songs For Humanity” project.

“Our grassroots project is a musical track with the voices of blacks, whites, Jews, Christians and Muslims, both children, women and men, chanting in an expression of unity: “It’s not too late, Let’s stop the Hate, It’s not too late.”

Addeo, who grew up in Asbury Park, said that the song is “unfinished” and will remain unfinished so that new voices can be continually added to it.

“It’s more like a chant than a song. Kids and other people can work together on continually creating it- it is an attempt at unity. And, it will always be an ongoing process that can eventually go around the world,” he said.

He said would like to have it played in schools, auditoriums, sporting and musical events, at religious institutions and on television and radio. In addition to many individual performers on the song, choir members from the Shore Christian Church and the Deliverance Temple in Asbury Park have contributed.

“But it is not just churches, it is many individuals of all colors and faiths,” he said.

Addeo said he believes hate is spreading like a virus across America and throughout the world and that one just needs to look at the worldwide headlines about acts of hatred.

“The seeds of hatred are deep and unfortunately we only seem to act when it affects us personally. And, if not addressed, it soon will affect us personally,” he said.

Addeo said one goal of the song is to focus on children in order to prevent bullying, which oftentimes leads to violence

“Hatred is at the root of many social problems. We must attempt to bring reason and understanding into our lives, communities, and the nation, otherwise, none are safe,” he said.

For people of all races, religions or political affiliations- all are welcome to add their voice to the song and there is no better time than now,  he said.

For more information about the song or to participate in it, contact Addeo at 732-963-9059, at or by writing to Songs For Humanity at P.O. Box 2303, Elberon, NJ  07740. He is also working on a website platform that will feature the song.

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