Neptune City Dedicates Monument to Fallen Soldiers



NEPTUNE CITY – Neptune City dedicated a new fallen soldier memorial this week during a ceremony Mon., May 27 to remember those men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Mayor Robert Brown thanked everyone who helped organize the annual parade which also took place that day.

“There was a very large turnout for a somber day and we were able to introduce our fallen soldier memorial to our residents,” Brown said. “This shows Neptune City’s support for our armed forces and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.”

Brown also thanked the Director of Public Safety Edward D. Kirschenbaum Sr. for the coordinated efforts of the Neptune City Police with the United States Secret Service, NJ State Police, and other local law enforcement agencies for the president’s visit to Asbury Park May 28.

Kirschenbaum was the Neptune City’s head of operations for the event.

“The whole operation by the Secret Service, NJ State Police, and local police was a practice in partnership,” he said. “Direct communication between all agencies involved allowed us to develop a plan and work together implementing it.”

Other business approved at the meeting was the introduction of the annual rates for sewer charges. The cost for a single family dwelling will be $450. That is an increase of $50 but it is the first increase in the rate in six years. Brown noted that increases are not that frequent.

“This increase will be in place for the next few years,” he said.

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