New Equipment Planned at Bradley Beach Pay Stations


Technical issues forced sunbathers in Bradley Beach to scramble when trying to pay to get onto the beach recently.

Borough Administrator Kelly Barrett said Verizon, which provides data service to the borough’s beach pay stations, made an adjustment which caused equipment in some stations to malfunction.

Many of those trying to pay for beach admissions were redirected to other pay stations which were operating normally.

Barrett said at this week’s Borough Council meeting that new equipment is being installed by Verizon so that the issue is fully resolved.

Councilman Norman Goldfarb said that beach attendance continues to be strong, exceeding figures from the previous season for the same period.

“Fingers crossed for this weekend,” Goldfarb said.

Councilman John Weber thanked his fellow council members for attending the recent graduation ceremony at Bradley Beach Elementary School. Weber said attendees could not remember the last time the mayor and all council members were present for the occasion.

The council approved a request from next year’s eighth grade class at the school to conduct a fundraiser during a 5K race scheduled for Aug. 17 at the beachfront.

The students plan to sell iced coffee at the event.

Weber, the council’s liaison to the borough’s Environmental Commission, said he would meet with organizers to discuss ways to minimize the use of plastic at the fundraiser.

Goldfarb announced that the borough’s annual fireworks display will take place on Wed., July 3 at 9 p.m.

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