Ocean Avenue in Bradley Beach to Be Repaved


coaster-news-200By MELISSA BEVERIDGE

Bradley Beach Borough Engineer Gerald Freda told the Borough Council this week that the contractor would resume building the handicap ramp along Ocean Avenue in the next week and the county is expected to pave Ocean Avenue in April.

The borough most likely will find its own contractor to stripe and number the parking spots instead of waiting for the county to finish the project.

“The project is starting in Bradley Beach and working south, so (the county) is not going to have a striping company until everything is finished,” Freda said. “We felt like it’s in our best interest to go out and get this done so we’re not tangled with everyone else.”

Mayor Gary Engelstad said that Freeholder Tom Arnone is helping the borough attain a contractor to pave the north lot, which may be the same contractor who will be paving Ocean Avenue.

Engelstad also said he’s been working with Richard Bianchi of Public Works to try and get the fountain on Ocean Avenue up and running again.

“It’s been held together with tape and gum,” the mayor said. “It is a hallmark to the town.”

He also said there are plans to strengthen it, which includes fixing the electrical and plumbing, which are the two main issues.

Engelstad said the borough had been contemplating using the old pump house next to the playground to convert to restrooms, but it’s “just not feasible because a lot of the infrastructure for the sewer plant is still in there.” Additional bathrooms will be added to the lifeguard station to accommodate the increased beach attendance.

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