Pep Rally on Ocean Township Lawn

Ocean Township police officers are pictured at a pep rally to support the Kean University football program.


A pep rally for the Kean University football team got a little extra support two weeks ago when Ocean Township police showed up for the event.

On Tues., June 2, three police officers showed up to support the Kean University football program at a “Football Unites Unity Pep Rally.” The rally was hosted by Kean University football head coach Dan Garrett and the Kean University football program.

Garrett, who lives in the township’s Wayside section, said he sponsored the rally on his front lawn “to have some positivity in all this doom and gloom.”  He contacted the police department to let them know the rally was being held and three officers came to show support.

“It was a show of unity between the police department and football team and it was nice of them to support the team,” he said.

In a statement, the police department thanked Garrett for the event “and echo this great sentiment of unity and solidarity.”

Some team players are from Ocean Township but they also came to the rally from Phillipsburg to Lacey Township. About 25 coaches and team members showed up for the rally.

“It was amazing and it was good to have some positivity, where groups of people from all walks life can come together for a common goal. And football can unite that more than anything,” Garrett said.

He said he is meeting with university officials now to see how the football program can move forward this year.

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