Pet Portraits Provide Lasting Memories

Theresa Joseph Trocchia

Theresa Joseph Trocchia, owner of Artistic Finds in Allenhurst is providing pet owners with a lasting tribute to their beloved pets.

Trocchia will sketch or paint a portrait, from a photograph of dogs, cats, or any other animal for a lasting memory.

She first sketches the pet in graphite and later will paint it in watercolor, colored pencils or markers.

Once the portrait is done, she will take a copy of the work to the printer to have a dozen note cards made up.

With so many pet lovers in the area the idea of pet portraits seemed to be a good one. Trocchia teaches art classes to both children and adults but with the Covid-19 pandemic her summer children’s classes have been canceled. So she decided on the pet portraits.

“I had to do something to pay the rent,” she said.

One woman had Trocchia paint a picture of her dog, Snuggz, who had died.

It was painting that picture that gave her the idea to reach out to others who might be interested in having a personal portrait of their pet.

“After I did this I thought this would be a good thing to do,” she said.

The artist has a Master of Arts from Monmouth College and many years experience teaching art, poise, modeling, acting and speech in New York City, Boston and the Red Bank area.

Those who would like to have a picture done should call Trocchia at 732.686.1038 or email to

Her studio is located at at 414 Corlies Ave., Allenhurst. She noted the entire transaction is done without contact.

The name Artistic Finds comes from her love of finding hidden treasures of all kinds including jewelry, art and clothing.

“I like things that are old,” she said. “But my main thing is to teach.”

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