Police to Seasonal Residents: Stay Home!

The Deal police department, which handles police coverage to Interlaken and Loch Arbour in addition to Deal, have asked seasonal residents and their families not to relocate in their service area.

In a statement released by police it said, “Together we must fight to save lives and ensure the safety and well-being of our residents, families and friends. Following the recommendations of our elected leaders we ask that any seasonal residents, commuters, family and friends from the New York metropolitan area (or areas with high Covid-19 infection rates), that you do not relocate and occupy your seasonal homes in our service area.”

Police said the said the request was necessary to stop the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus. Police said if you have already relocated to the area or decide to “please self quarantine for 14 days so as not to inadvertently spread the virus to anyone. This includes our vital first responders.”

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