Ready, Set, Package 20,000 Meals!



As part of its mission work, St. Paul United Methodist Church in Ocean Grove will package 20,000 meals on March 22 to be shipped to a third-world country or countries.

On the afternoon of Sunday, March 22, about 100 church members and other volunteers are to meet to package the meals at the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association Youth Temple. The church is working with the Stop Hunger Now organization, with the congregation supplying the funds and volunteers to package meals with dehydrated rice and soy brought in by Stop Hunger Now.

The Rev. John DiGiamberardino supplied the idea for the project, said Borja del Campo, chair of the church’s Missions Committee.

“He felt it would be good for our church, (using) Christmas donations, the help feed the hungry,” she said.

At 29 cents per meal, the $5,800 being used by the church will supply 20,000 meals, del Campo said.

“It’s all packaged in these little bags,” she said.

The packaging of the meals will take an estimated two hours. Stop Hunger Now is to determine where the meals will be shipped, del Campo said.

This is a new project for the chruch, but del Campo said she hopes it carries on.

“In the future, it’s be great to invite the community and do it in different locations,” del Campo said. “We would hope to do it every year.

“It’s all part of our missions team,” she said. “Everybody has been very faithful in giving of their money to help others. It’s great to see how people want to help others and see such generous hearts.”

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