‘Shop Bradley Beach’ Joins Business Community Alliance to Work Together

The Bradley Beach Business Alliance has begun a call to residents to join the alliance and make a difference in their community. During these next several months, the BBBCA will continue to work closely with residents, business and the borough focusing on providing resources  to help navigate a changing world, and bringing back Bradley Beach as the vibrant, strong community it is.

The BBBCA and the borough of Bradley Beach is partnering to support its small businesses with resources. By joining the Alliance, resident members invest in the Small Business Initiative Campaign, “Shop Bradley Beach.” For a limited time , resident members receive a BB Stronger Together tote bag to show off their commitment to the town.

“The BBBCA is a passionate advocate for the businesses in their communities. Residents should be proud and take heed that their local business, residents and the Borough administration have come together to support the most critical issues in these new times.” said BBBCA Director, Amy Hall.

“Shop Bradley Beach” starts now to support the borough’s businesses including Bradley Bingo, Local Thursdays and Celebration Saturday.

For more information go to www.bradleybeachalliance.org.

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