Village Launches New Recycling Program

This spring, Loch Arbour, in partnership with SC Johnson, an industry-leading manufacturer of household consumer brands, launched a pilot program for residential curbside recycling of plastic film, the second such program to launch in New Jersey.

This curbside pilot program allows residents to recycle clean and dry plastic grocery bags, plastic storage bags like Ziploc® brand bags, plastic product packaging and other flexible plastic film by placing them in a separate bin alongside their other curbside recyclables. The first collection took place on March 18 and continues with regular recycling collection on the third Wednesday of every month.

“Loch Arbour is proud to launch this pilot program as it will make it easier for residents to recycle.  By participating in this program, residents can help keep our beaches clean and reduce plastic pollution in our ocean,” Loch Arbour Mayor Paul Fernicola said. “We thank SC Johnson for their support and working with us to get this program off of the ground.  We encourage other towns to join us in instituting similar programs to reduce plastic waste and help the environment.”

Prior to this pilot program, the only option for residents to recycle plastic film materials was through store take-back programs. Loch Arbour’s partnership with SC Johnson to recycle plastic film at the curbside makes recycling easier for residents. The program will help to increase recycling rates and thus divert more plastic film from the landfill and ending up in the environment. SC Johnson is providing the funding for the residential curbside bins and community education materials to raise awareness of the program.

Moreover, as the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more New Jerseyans staying at home, there has been a corresponding increase in residential waste and recycling services.  The village’s curbside plastic film recycling program is a timely solution as recycling the material helps divert the material from the landfill.

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