Volunteers Welcome at APTV



Beginning in January, when the Asbury Park City Council organized after the November elections, the council has been working to revamp the cable television, public channel, APTV.

The idea is to liven the station, going beyond simply broadcasting Council meetings and the like, said Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn, who sits on the nine-member APTV board as the liaison between it and the Council.

Now, the station, seen on local cable TV, also is showing items about children and non-profit organizations, “getting things people would be interested in watching,” Quinn said. She said the city is also looking into televising Planning Board and Zoning Board meetings.

“People, I think, are loving it,” Quinn said. “In particular, people in Asbury Park love seeing kids.”

How can the public help?

“We’re in drastic need of volunteers,” Quinn said. “We’ll teach you how to edit or film,” Quinn said.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact the board at telephone 732-502-4584 or email at Info@AsburyParkTV.org. APTV’s website is www.asburyparktv.org. For now, according to Quinn, APTV has four “absolutely fabulous” volunteers: Josephine Sidhu; Sidhu’s husband, Heera; Danielle Bullock; and Judi Hull.

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