Vote Count Changes in Neptune City


coaster-news-200By JOSEPH SAPIA

In the week after the Neptune City elections, the results for one of two full-term Borough Council seats seemed in doubt — and may still be that way as votes are certified.

On Thursday, Nov. 12, the Monmouth Board of Canvassers were to certify the votes, showing Republican newcomer Andrew Wardell and Republican incumbent Richard Pryor with 643 and 600 votes, respectively for the three-year seats. With these results, Pryor edged out Democrat Michael Skudera, who had 599 votes. Finishing fourth was Beryl A. Lyford, 589 votes.

The question remains if Democrats will go to state Superior Court to seek a recount. The deadline for that is Wednesday, Nov. 18, according to county Clerk of Elections Bertha Sumick. If granted, the court and Board of Elections would work together to set a recount date as soon as possible, Sumick said. Then, the Board of Elections would conduct a recount.

Councilwoman Pamela Renee, who led the local Democrat ticket in a loss for the mayor’s seat, said her party plans to seek a recount.

“This was obviously a very close election for Neptune City and we want to make certain every ballot is counted,” Renee said. “Pending the official results this Thursday, we will be asking for a recount to make sure the process was done properly.”

The vote totals include all type of votes: voting machine, of which there are eight in Neptune City; mail-in; and paper at the polls, Sumick said. On Monday, Nov. 9, the Board of Elections went over 11 paper ballots — used when there is a question of voting at the polls — and rejected two, meaning nine remained, according to elections officials.

The canvassers are County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon and the four county Board of Election commissioners: Leah Falk, Jo-Ann Dinan, Mary DeSarno and Chantal Bouw.

Other results in Neptune City include incumbent Republican Mayor Robert Brown beating Democrat Councilwoman Pamela Renee, 644 to 614. The mayor’s seat has a four-year term.

Also, in a race for a two-year unexpired Council seat, former Republican Councilwoman Barbara Shafer beat Democrat incumbent Linda Brady, 636 to 596.

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