At Kim Marie’s Order Something for Yourself and Your Dog


Kim Marie’s Eat ‘n Drink Away in Asbury Park not only invites patrons to dine, but also welcomes their dogs to join them in a snack or meal.

Chris and Denise Brinkoski, who live in Long Hill, said they decided to visit Kim Marie’s after looking online for dog-friendly restaurants in the area, where they could bring their dog, Buster.

“We came here because it is dog-friendly and I would like to see more places do the same,” Denise said.

While other Asbury Park restaurants allow dogs at outdoor tables, an internet search showed none with special doggie menus other than Kim Marie’s.

Other people also dining in front of Kim Marie’s recently said they were there because of the restaurant’s dog-friendly policy.  All were from out of town.

Kim Marie’s doggie menu includes $9 entrees of chicken, hamburger, steak or cod fish, complete with potatoes and vegetables, usually green beans. A $3 dessert consists of whipped cream with fresh berries.

Restaurant manager Dan Stampone said the doggie menu has been available for three  years and that the results have been “great.”

“This (menu) had been building and building and it’s a nice service for pet owners and their dogs,” he said.

Stampone said that the menu has been a success financially with the customers also leaving satisfied.

“We have a steady stream of patrons in nice weather and it’s a nice service for our customers and their pets,” he said.

The restaurant, at 1411 Kingsley St., wants pet owners to bring their dogs to enjoy in the dining experience but they are also required to watch their dog and keep them close to their table.

“Our goal is a safe environment for both your dog and others,” the restaurant’s menu says.

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