City Seeks Feedback on Biking Plan

The City Council of Asbury Park has announced the beginning of a public comment period on the final draft of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for the city, which will end on Jan. 11.

The plan, entitled “Asbury Park Plan for Biking and Walking,” was presented to the Asbury Park City Council on Dec. 12, and was developed through a Technical Assistance Grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

The “Asbury Park Plan for Biking and Walking” final draft and comment form can be found at Following the comment period which ends on Jan.11, 2019, the City’s Planning Board will hold a public hearing for adoption of the plan as an element of Asbury Park’s Master Plan, a comprehensive outline of the City’s long-range land use vision. The hearing is anticipated to take place in February 2019.

“The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was developed with community participation through outreach efforts at City events, an online survey map, two stakeholder focus groups, and a steering advisory committee with members including residents, City staff, County and State agencies, local advocacy groups, and the business community,” said Transportation Director Mike Manzella.  “The plan will lay the official framework for future infrastructure improvements, enhancing the safety of all users of the City’s streets, particularly the most vulnerable – pedestrians and cyclists.”

For more information, visit or contact Transportation Director Michael Manzella at michael.manzella@cityofasurypark.comor 732-502-5727.

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