Demolition Begins at City Housing Complex


coaster-news-200-newBy JOANNE PAPAIANNI

The demolition of the Boston Way federal housing complex in Asbury Park is underway.

Interim Executive Director of the Housing Authority Thomas Sahlin, announced Oct. 6 that long awaited project had begun.

He also said he and the authority’s Chairman, Gregory Hopson, and Vice-Chairman, Frank Syphax, attended a pre-construction meeting at the State Housing Mortgage and Finance Agency Headquarters in Trenton on Wed., Oct. 4 to finalize the outstanding issues regarding Section 3 Participation and wage rates for the project.

Hopson, Sahlin said, advised all present that he intended to be vigilant regarding Section 3 Community Participation on the Boston Way Redevelopment Project.

The Section 3 program of the United States Housing and Urban Development requires that recipients of HUD financial assistance provide job training, employment and contract opportunities for low income residents.

Employment can be in connection with the project or activities in the neighborhood.

Boston Way, before it was vacated, had 123 units. All residents were given housing vouchers in 214 to relocate.

The new Boston Way project will have 104 townhouses, landscaping, walkways and lighting.

The first piece of equipment for the project was expected to be on site this week, Hopson said. He also said Hopson the demolition of the buildings, which sit on a 180,000 square foot property, should take about three weeks and construction is scheduled to begin a week or two after.

“All the paperwork is in,” Hopson said.

Hopson also said a Section 3 consultant was contracted to ensure that Asbury Park residents are hired to work on the project.

“We want to ensure that Section 3 is complied with and as many Asbury Park residents who truly want to work will be put to work,” he said.

Hopson said workers and sub-contractors are included in Section 3 guidelines.

“As many Asburians as possible, it may seem small but it will help stimulate the economy in Asbury Park,” he said.

Hopson also cited the ground breaking for Renaissance Village on Springwood Avenue as projects that will unite the city.

“It will have a huge impact on the community. And just not the westside. West side, east side, I believe in one Asbury Park, I’ve said that from the beginning,” he said.

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