Johnny Mac and City at Odds


coaster-news-200-newBy JOSEPH SAPIA

In the next month or so, the owner of Johnny Mac House of Spirits said he expects to file legal papers against Asbury Park for holding up his expansion plans.

The city Planning Board recently would not give John McGillion, owner of Johnny Mac, approval for Phases 2 to 4 to complete an Irish Village-like design that includes a beer garden until he removes the bric-a-brac — arguably what makes the Main Street tavern stand out — from outside walls and widow coverage.

So, McGillion said he will go to court once the Planning Board decision is memorialized in a resolution, which he expects by early September.

The bric-a-brac includes such things as musical instruments, hats, beer trays and little houses, McGillion said. The windows are covered with signs and graphics.

The issue did not come up until McGillion was before the board for approval of Phases 2 to 4 to complete the project, McGillion said. In fact, according to him, he had shown he was below a 20 percent window-coverage requirement by 3 percent.

“We’re not going to yield,” McGillion said.

The Irish-Village and beer garden were supposed to be completed in about 2 years, McGillion said. Successful litigation could take 9 months to 2 years, meaning the project may not be completed for up to an estimated four years, he said.

Phase 1, now underway, is the the building of two bars next to the Johnny Mac bar, he said.

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