Neptune City Residents Form Association

Residents of Neptune City, concerned about odors emanating from the recent addition to the TFH building at 85 West Sylvania Ave. as well as proposed development for the former TFH office building on Third Avenue, have formed the Neptune City Homeowners Association.

Organizers said the group will act as a unified voice in addressing the concerns of residents that affect their quality of life.  The non-partisan group will serve as a forum where residents can discuss issues, study problems and present recommendations and changes to the governing bodies of Neptune City for consideration and enactment.

According to the organization’s president Kelly Strazdas, “the NCHA intends to closely monitor development in Neptune City to ensure that it is consistent with the priorities of Neptune City homeowners.”

The association also intends to promote positive events in Neptune City that will foster community pride, she said.

Residents have attended Borough Council meetings over the past year to express their concerns regarding odors at TFH, with little success, they said. TFH was established by Herbert Axelrod in 1952 as a publisher of pet books and magazines, and began manufacturing Nylabone dog toys and chews in 1955.  It was sold in 1992 to Central Jersey Pet and Garden, based in California. The company now manufactures edible dog treats in addition to their Nylabone product.

The next meeting of the NCHA is Thurs., June 13 at at the Neptune City Community Center. From 6 to 6:30 p.m. there will be a meet and greet with coffee/snacks being served prior to the meeting.  Membership is $15 per family.  The association also maintains a Facebook page, Neptune City Homeowners Association.

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