New Redevelopment Site Outlined in Neptune City


coaster-news-200-newBy JOANNE L. PAPAIANNI

A redevelopment plan for the area of 142 Steiner Ave., Neptune City was introduced by the Borough Council at Monday night’s meeting.

The public hearing on the ordinance is set for Feb. 27

The area, which is zoned for mixed use, includes land on Fifth Avenue between Steiner Avenue and Memorial Drive.

According to Mayor Robert Brown, once the ordinance is adopted the developer can begin drawing plans for the building department to review before approving construction.

Brown said by springtime artists renderings of the site should be available for the Land Use Board and council to review.

Brown said the last redevelopment plans approved by the governing body were at the site of the Charline Motel where a new townhouse complex was built.

“It will be similar to the last redevelopment plan where the Charline Motel was located and that’s positively beautiful,” Brown said.

Also at the meeting Brown said trees had been cut down accidentally in the borough’s wetlands, apparently by a vendor hired by JCP&L.

The incident was reported by a resident.

Any vegetation cut down in wetlands must be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

“We will get on board with them and will rectify anything that needs to be done as to our forestry plan,” he said.

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