Singer Melanie Returns for Show on Asbury Park Boardwalk

The singer, Melanie. Wikipedia Commons photo.


Singer/songwriter Melanie, who was one of only two female solo performers appearing at the Woodstock Music Festival, will be making an uncommon appearance in Asbury Park at the end of September.

She will perform at McLoone’s Supper Club, 1200 Ocean Ave., on Thurs., Sept. 27. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show begins at 7:30 p.m. To make reservations go to

Melanie Safka-Schekeryk, who now lives in Nashville, said she really doesn’t perform at the Jersey Shore much anymore.

“I have played in New York City many times but not down at the shore too much. I never made it back much to New Jersey,” said the singer, who grew up in Long Branch and graduated from Red Bank High School.

But Melanie said that coming to perform in Asbury Park “is amazing.”

“It’s like my life is flashing in front of my eyes. People are coming out of the woodwork and they are glad I am coming back- I can’t believe it,” she said.

Always feeling like an outcast in high school, Melanie said she used to ride her bicycle to Asbury Park about once a week.

“Asbury Park was the place I used to ride my bike. No real reason, I just did it. It was part of my life growing up- riding to Asbury Park and the boardwalk. I am looking forward to coming home,” she said.

Melanie is best-known for her hits “Brand New Key,” “What Have They Done To My Song Ma” and “Lay Down (Candles In The Rain).” Early in her career she lived in the West End section of Long Branch.

Her son Beau Jarred, who is a self-taught classical guitarist and classically-trained folk rhythm guitarist, will also make an appearance during her show.

One of the highlights in Melanie’s career was performing at Woodstock in 1969. She was one of only two solo female performers at Woodstock. The other was Joan Baez.

“Actually, Woodstock was life-changing. I was so terrified. No one knew what was happening and when I looked out from the stage (at night), it looked like a weird farm crop, but it was all people. It was amazing in many ways

“It was an out-of-body experience getting on that stage. It was basically a spiritual experience I had in front of 500,000 people- it was like a lightning bolt. I got on stage pretty much an unknown person and I left the stage a celebrity,” she said.

When it started to rain during Melanie’s set, people were urged to light candles and use other light sources. It was this image that served as the inspiration for Melanie’s song “Lay Down (Candles In The Rain).”

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