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Tinton Falls Welcomes New Mayor


coaster-newsBy JOSEPH SAPIA

As the calendar turned from 2013 to 2014, Gerald Turning went from Tinton Falls’ highest appointed government official, the administrator, to its highest elected official, the mayor.

Borough Clerk Maureen Murphy administered the oath of office to Turning on New Year’s Day as his wife, Barbara, held the bible.

Officers for the year in the two first aid squads and the four fire companies, most of which were sworn in at the borough organization meeting, are:
Emergency Medical Services Squad North: Capt. Christina Emrich, 1st Lt. Bill Watts, 2nd Lt. Linda Siano, 1st Sgt. W. Douglas Alpaugh, President Ron Neis, Vice President Tim Anderson, Secretary Andrea Castro and Treasurer Lynn Guttormse.

Emergency Medical Services Squad South: Capt. George G. McBride, 1st Lt. Kurt Gibson, 2nd Lt. Mow Chu, 1st Sgt. and President Bob Harvey, Vice President Bill Katz, Secretary John Shotliff and Treasurer Scott Goldy.
Wayside Fire Co.: Chief Larry Neis, Deputy Chief Bob Boub, Capt. Donald Wanamaker, 1st Lt. Joe Corson, 2nd Lt. Chad Butler, Chief Engineer Mike Scott, Assistant Engineer Greg Thiede, President Joe Corson, Vice President Mike Scott, Treasurer Andrew Calvo, Assistant Treasurer Howie Chervinsky, Secretary Kyle Williams and Chaplin Skip Hawkins.
Pinebrook Hose Co.: Chief Darell Harris, Assistant Chief Mark Roach, Captain Danl Reevey, President Mow Chu, Treasurer Dan Reevey and Secretary Lorrain Reevey.

Tinton Falls Fire Co.: Chief Michael Vernon; Assistant Chief Michael Neff; Capt. Aaron Lay; 1st Lt. James Halloran; 2nd Lt. Steve Park; Chief Engineer Kyle Johnson; Assistant Engineers Travis Ciani, David Ciani, David Boehning and Brendan Tobin; President Michael Malinowski, Vice President Sara Weimer, Treasurer Lewis Eastmead and Secretary Gerry MacPherson.

Northside Engine Co.: Chief Dan Chmarenko, Assistant Chief Ron Neiss, Capt. Al Neiss, Lt. Dan Tierney, Chief Engineer Ryan Cullinane, 1st Engineer Joseph Corson, 2nd Engineer Kevin Kenney, 3rd Engineer Marc Taylor, President Greg Tomanto, Vice President Larry Neis, Treasurer Paul Nelson and Secretary Ryan Cullinane.

The person replacing Turning as administrator is to be announced at the Jan. 7 meeting of the mayor and Borough Council.


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