Asbury Together Confirms Quinn, Clayton, Chapman Ticket

Asbury Park Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn and Councilwomen Yvonne Clayton, and  Eileen Chapman said they will be seeking four-year terms on the Asbury Park City Council in the November election.

All three were previously elected in 2016 and will be running again as the Asbury Together ticket. Three seats are open on the council.

Rev. David J. Parreott, Jr. expressed support for Quinn, Clayton, and Chapman continuing to serve on the Asbury Park City Council by saying, “A lot of people said they’d work to revitalize the Springwood Avenue corridor, but this team of people actually brought together the parties needed to make it happen. It makes me so proud to look at our beautiful park and new construction of affordable housing at Boston Way and the Renaissance.”

In response, Clayton said, “We promised to prioritize revitalization of the Springwood Avenue neighborhood and then worked tirelessly to deliver. Actions speak louder than words.”

“Juggling the many competing needs and interests of this complex city is an almost impossible task,” said small business owner Kathy Kelly, “but the Asbury Together team does an amazing job of walking that tightrope. They study the issues affecting our city, listen and engage, make the hard decisions with transparency, try their best to bring all concerned to the table, and tweak when need be.”

Quinn said, “Our ban on plastic bags met with some strong opposition, but it was the right thing to do for the ocean and environment. Our regulation of short term rentals met with resistance in certain quarters, but it was the right thing to do for the preservation of affordable housing. We adopted some of the most progressive affordable housing ordinances in the State.”

Chapman added, “We stood with the residents over reconstruction of the boardwalk, and then facilitated working with the waterfront developer to make the plan better. And we’ve also demonstrated that we will challenge the state when the livelihood of Asbury Park is at stake.”

“I wholeheartedly support the re-election of Amy Quinn, Yvonne Clayton, and Eileen Chapman,” said longtime resident Ruthanne Harrison. “Not only did they right the ship financially and get us off of state transitional aid, they have stabilized the budget and for the first time reduced taxes this year”

Mayor John Moor said the city is lucky to have the three women.

“These are difficult times, but guiding our city through them is made considerably easier in partnership with these three talented, dedicated, and hard-working women,” he said.

The Asbury Together ticket also officially launched its campaign website this week.  Anyone interested in attending a socially distanced campaign kick-off event in the near future, please contact the Asbury Together campaign at at

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