Neptune Author Included in Anthology

Gary S. Crawford of Neptune has been named as one of 116 emerging writers and authors worldwide to be included in the “Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2020,” due for release this summer.

Crawford is a historical non-fiction, horror-fantasy, and short story author whose works have appeared in over 20 anthologies, magazine articles, and five books.

Emerging writers are considered those writers who are not well known but have built up a body of work, as either poets, short story authors, non-fiction writers and novelists, or a combination of those, who have contributed to excellence in writing.

Published by Sweetycat Press, a non-profit entity founded by short story author, novelist, playwright and former journalist, Steve Carr, the writers and authors included in the book were selected by a panel of editors and publishers.

The “Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2020,” provides the biographies of the writers and authors and lists some or all of their published works. All proceeds from its sale on will go to producing other publications that support emerging writers by bringing their names and works to the attention of influencers in the publishing industry and the reading public.

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