Neptune to Review Noise Ordinance


Neptune officials will be reviewing the township’s noise ordinance after complaints have been filed over several restaurants having outdoor music. The township allowed outdoor music at a few restaurants to help improve their business during the Covid-19 shutdown. “We continue to look into complaints and respond to them accordingly,” Township Business Administrator Vito Gadaleta said earlier this week.

Mayor Robert Lane Jr. last week allowed Delvetto’s Pizzeria and Pub on Route 33 to continue having outdoor music after he overturned a decision by Gadaleta to halt music after the township continued to receive complaints.

Lane said there have also been noise complaints filed against Il Posto restaurant, 1129 Fifth Avenue, and Sunsets River Front restaurant, 302 S. Concourse, by the Shark River. “We are trying to work things out with each establishment on a case-by-case basis. We will get the ordinance updated,” he said. Gadaleta and Township Attorney Gene Anthony are reviewing the current noise ordinance to see if any changes or amendments are needed.

Their review will be discussed at an Oct. 1 meeting. “We will see where we go with it moving forward. The ordinance needs to be reviewed and possibly updated,” Lane said. Gadaleta said he does not know when the current ordinance was adopted but added “it has been a long time.” He said enforcement parameters will be looked at during the review and that set decibel levels may be removed since the township does not use decibel meters. “We will look at how to address various issues and will look at similar ordinances from other towns as well,” he said.

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