New Administrator Appointed in Tinton Falls



Two Tinton Falls Borough Councilmen were sworn in this week and a new borough administrator appointed.

John Roche was sworn in to his first term and Scott Larkin to his second term.

Michael Muscillo, who previously worked in Lakewood, was named borough administrator. He replaces retiring Gerald Turning who was sworn in as mayor last week. Muscillo is the son of a former borough administrator, Tony Muscillo.

Turning said he looks forward to the challenges ahead.

“This is not something I ever dreamed of doing,” he said. “I want to thank all of the Tinton Falls’ employees and residents. I hope we’re as happy in four years as we are now.”

Newly elected Roche spoke about his expectations for the future as well.
“I’m so pleased and eager to make a positive contribution,” he said.
The council reelected Gary Baldwin as Council President and Council member Christopher Pak as Deputy Council President.

Appointments included Gary Gable as Department of Public Works and Stephen Pfeffer for Department of Audit, Account and Control until April 30, 2014 when Pfeffer plans to retire (Tom Fallon will begin his appointment on May 1, 2014).

David Marx was reappointed as borough engineer. The Mayor appointed Detective Sergeant Scott Trocchia to the Planning Board while the Borough Council appointed Gary Baldwin.

During council reports, Larkin said, “I had a wonderful experience these past four years and I’m looking forward to the next four.”

Roche congratulated the Department of Public Works for their effort during the snowstorm.

“Our public works department did a great job,” he said. “We have a crew of dedicated folks who works 10-12 hour shifts. I want to thank them for their work.”

The council also appointed and approved members to various departments including Zoning Board of Adjustment, Open Space Committee, Environmental Commission, Historic Commission, and Shade Tree Commission. Liaisons were also appointed including Councilman Larkin as Liaison to the Library, Councilman Christopher Pak to Board of Education, Councilman Steven Schertz to the Environmental Commission and Roche to the Open Space Committee.

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